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Discrimination on the basis of pedigree, that is, the place of birth and the family in which a person is born.

The manifestations of genism include:

  • Racism
  • Nationalism
  • Familiarism
  • Eugenics, including:
    • propagating the idea that some people are genetically less perfect than others, also in spite of their full physical and mental health;
    • propagating the idea that some people are more evolutionarily advanced, despite the fact that all humans belong to exactly the same species, so they are at exactly the same level in the hierarchy of the animal kingdom
  • Inheritance law, including forcing to inherit:
    • Resources
    • Activities (profession)
    • Scope of power and responsibility
    • Needs
    • Conflicts
    • Commitments to choose a life partner for reasons other than personal choice
  • Assessment of the physical, intellectual and mental potential of a Man on the basis of his pedigree
  • Allocating resources and access to resources deemed public first or exclusively by pedigree, clearly to the detriment of society (waste, blocking potential, mismanagement)
  • Assigning activity and access to activity in the first place or exclusively due to the pedigree, clearly to the detriment of society (lack of qualifications, lack of motivation, no search for better solutions to respond to needs)